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A Community Interest Events Company in Carlisle

Gig2give Events is a Community Interest Company. Our mission is to use the medium of Art and Entertainment and Sport to:

  • Raise awareness of, and support families effected by Muscular Dystrophy and Strokes.
  • Raise money to start a charity for supporting victims and families affected by these terrible diseases.
  • Encourage community arts, music and sport culture in and around Carlisle

We will be organising a variety of events across Carlisle and Cumbria. These will initially be live music events, later we will expand to become inclusive community events that incorporate and celebrate a variety of arts (through our art gallery), entertainment and sports.

Who are we?

Gig2give was founded and is run by 2 Carlisle born-and-bred Cumbrians. Lead by Jim Furguson and supported by Shaun Walker.

Jim Ferguson

Jim Ferguson - Managing Director

Retired musician, pictured with his grandson Will whom is the inspiration for launching Gig2give. Has had a long and fruitful career playing all over the world. He is extremely passionate about our mission as over the past year Jim has suffered from several strokes. His Grandson, unfortunately, suffers from Muscular Dystrophy. All this is what fuelled Jim to originally come up with the idea of running events to help bring these terrible illnesses into public's knowledge.

Shaun Walker

Shaun Walker - Supporting Director

Self-employed software developer entrepreneur running his own business NibbleTech. Shaun helped launch Gig2give in 2014 and ongoing provides various high level operational support for the running and growing of Gig2give.